Why The High Waisted Thong Bikini Is On-Trend

woman wearing a blue high waisted thong bikini

Why The High Waisted Thong Bikini Is On-Trend

Remember the 80s? It was the time of lycra, big hair and the high waisted thong bikini. Well, it’s a new decade, but what goes around comes around and some of the 80s fashion favourites are coming back into style, including the high waisted thong bikini!

They were huge back in the day, and they’re popular again and better than ever, with better cuts, materials and silhouettes than the originals! They’re ideal for enhancing and accentuating your best assets and suit every body shape – which is probably why they’re so on-trend once again!

They’re flattering on everyone and can help with a wide range of body concerns – everyone should try one! Here’s what they can help with:


Short legs

woman in red high waist bikini

If you have a longer torso and shorter legs than mid-waist bathing attire is the perfect choice for a beach day. A higher cut creates the illusion of longer legs and can help to balance your torso, making it appear that you’re taller than you are. If you’re on the shorter side than the right cut can make it appear that everything is sitting higher, giving your butt a gravity-defying look and elongating your body in all the right places, whilst shortening your torso. If you’re already on the taller side then it will make you look like you’ve got Bella Hadid’s legs.


Love Handles

If you have a little extra around your middle or on your hips then low-cut bikinis can be less than flattering, they can cut into your sides, creating unattractive shapes or fit you poorly around the hips. If you’re dealing with love handles than a high-waisted bikini is the way to go! They will cinch you in at all the right places and smooth out your figure for a curvy, vintage-inspired look. Options with supportive features or fabrics are even better, think spandex for the beach! The right choice of bottoms can pull in your waist for an amazing summer body!


Large derriere

If you’ve got a lot of junk in the trunk then a high waisted thong bikini is for you! Big bums are in and there’s no better way to draw attention to one then with the right cut, high on your waist! Get a little cheeky and make like a Kardashian on the beach with a high waisted thong bikini to show off your curves.


Small derriere

If you’re butt’s on the smaller end of the scale, then no need to worry. Flat bum’s look great in high waisted thong bikini’s too! Flatten your figure with a high cut and give the illusion that you’ve got more curves to work with than you actually do.


Large bust

Higher cuts are great for balancing out larger busts. If you need a more supportive fit on your top half, draw the eye down to your bottom assets with a high waisted thong bikini, you’ll look like a bombshell on the beach! Go for frilly or strappy bottoms to draw the eyes away and create visual interest.


Small bust

Those with small bust can increase the illusion of curves and change their proportions with the right cut. Frills, ruffles and texture on top will help balance out your frame and add a little volume, whilst down below a simple high waisted thong bikini will bring some attention to your lower half.


Broad shoulders

Those with broad shoulders can balance out a square frame with high waisted bikini bottoms, which can draw the attention downwards. Perfect for those with an athletic frame as it will accentuate all the right places!


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