Reasons You Might Need An Arborist Report In Sydney


Reasons You Might Need An Arborist Report In Sydney

If you own or manage a property that has trees on it, then you may or may not realise that those trees could be a danger to you and others. When trees collapse, they often do damage to property and can even cause injury and death to people caught unawares, and this means that these trees represent a liability if not managed properly.

If your property is located in or around municipal New South Wales, then you might want to consider getting a professional arborist report in Sydney. This document is created by a professional tree health expert who will inspect the trees on your property and give recommendations on how to ensure they are safely managed.

The following will take a look at the main reasons you should get a report from an arborist Sydney based expert.


Meeting your due diligence requirements

When you decided to build or renovate a property with trees on or around the site, you need to assess the impact to said trees as part of your due diligence requirements. An arborist report in Sydney is the best way to meet this requirement as it will consist of a detailed document giving a professional and authoritative review of how the work will affect the trees and what can be done.

Some trees are heritage protected and need to be preserved, some other trees will need to be removed to make way for construction, some other trees may be may unviable due to the work and would cause a hazard if left to remain. The arborist report in Sydney that you solicit will detail what the current state of the trees is and what things need to be done to ensure that all responsibilities are met with regards to their care and preservation.

Doing this will help legally protect you in the event that an accident does happen with regards to the trees on your site. This is because you will have gotten the written OK from a professional who has said that if you follow their recommendations the trees will be safe.

Therefore, while getting an arborist report in Sydney will have an upfront cost, it can ultimately save you a lot of money and stress in avoiding lawsuits that implicate you.


Protecting yourself and people on the site

Of course, getting an arborist report in Sydney will also mean you are doing the right thing and protecting the people on your site from harm. The recommendations in the document will give you instructions about which trees need to be removed for safety and which need maintenance in order to stay healthy.

They will identify trees that have diseases or structural deficiencies that mean they could collapse during a storm. You need to have all eventualities covered so that you and the people who use the site can have peace of mind about their safety while there.


Protecting property

Also, getting an arborist report in Sydney is going to help you protect your property by identifying problematic trees and giving recommendations on what to do about them. This will help you avoid a costly disaster where a tree has collapsed into your property and damaged the roof.

Hopefully the above has given you some insight into why it is a good idea to engage an arborist report in Sydney. While it will cost money and effort to do it, it will undoubtedly be worth it when you realise how much peace of mind it gives you, allowing you to focus instead on the things that matter most for you.

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