Here Is All You Need To Know About A Fibroscan

Female doctor performing a Fibroscan to a male patient

Here Is All You Need To Know About A Fibroscan

A fibroscan is an incredibly useful device to ease any burdens with your liver. It records any information about your liver, such as fat build-up, scarring, and hardness. This results in allowing your specialist to be able to tailor a specific treatment that is suited for you. The device helps you understand what is happening with your liver. With this tool, you can expect to have a liver that can be managed and on its way to optimum health. In this article, we will dive deep into what this device is all about, its uses, and its overall benefits to highlight why this is the right choice.

What is a fibroscan?

A Fibroscan is a concentrated ultrasound tool that is helpful to your liver. It records fibrosis, otherwise known as scarring and steatosis or fatty change that is found in your liver. Fatty change occurs when fat is built up in your live cells. It is completely non-invasive and works to evaluate the hardness of the liver. The device shows up the results in the form of a vibration eve known as shear wave velocity that appears as a graph on the screen. This device is incredibly helpful to understand more about what is going on with your liver. You can use it by itself or with other tests such as biopsies, blood tests, scan imaging, which is recording the scarring and fatty change in the liver.

What is a fibroscan used for?

A fibroscan is used to analyse the amount of scarring in the liver shown. This device is used for a variety of chronic illnesses such as alcohol abuse, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and fatty liver.

What are the benefits of a fibroscan?

Correct results 

With a fibroscan, you will get a precise evaluation of liver fibrosis that stems from different diseases that cause issues with the liver. It helps you get an accurate diagnosis to allow your practitioner to be able to provide a correct treatment that is suited to the individual’s specific requirements.

You can find changes in the liver 

You will be able to use a fibroscan to be able to see if there are any changes during liver disease. No matter how intense the changes were, this device can guarantee improvement with your liver.

Timely and pain-free 

The benefit of a fibroscan is that it is a convenient and painless method in analysing the health status of your liver. It has taken over the extensive process of a liver biopsy. This can detect liver disease among patients who show no visible or physical symptoms of the illness. This device can provide detailed and accurate information as quickly as 1, 2, and 3 with a completely pain-free treatment.

You won’t have to get a liver biopsy done 

A fibroscan works to check the progress of patients with liver disease. Based on treatment and lifestyle changes, we can see graphically how your liver has improved. You won’t require much need for liver biopsy with the help of this device.

The fibroscan is perfect for any ailment that affects the liver. It can easily pick up any minor changes with the liver by seeing it visually through a graph on the screen. This device is used to treat a variety of diseases that affects the liver, such as fatty liver, hepatitis, and diseases developed from alcohol abuse. There is an incredible amount of benefits to this machine, such as it is quick to use, no need for further biopsy, accurate results, and limited pain during treatment.

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