7 upgrades to style up your Home

7 upgrades to style up your Home

1) The Art Wall

One straightforward way to make your home look cool and hip is to choose a wall and canonize it as the art wall. All your favorite paintings or pictures that are spread across the house can be gathered and put up in this particular wall to give your home a feel of a modern art enthusiast. It is guaranteed to provide character to your house as well as display your favorite works and people, all in one place.

2) Restock

Every once in a while, it is important to restock and get rid of the old things you own. This doesn’t mean you restock everything at once or that you restock items that are perfectly usable and in good shape. Once in a while, you can choose to restock your wardrobe or even your bookshelf. This can mean cleaning it out as well as revamping your style. Be it clothes, your shoes, kitchen appliances, books and even your jacket that you’ve had since high school. It’ll give you a chance to declutter and save space.

3) Shuffle Shuffle Shuffle

Always try new ways to arrange the layout of your home until you find something that you like and wouldn’t mind having forever. Change the position of your cupboard and where your bed is facing once in a while. Switch rugs and try new color schemes with your bedspreads and pillows.

4) Smart Lights

A well-lit home always looks better. Make sure you get a sound lighting system for your house to make it look larger. Another feature that you could invest in your lights is a dimmer. It makes the ambiance quite classy and even romantic at night.

5) Windows that speak

The curtains in your windows say a lot about your home and its character. But pretty curtains that blend well with the aesthetic of each room. The size and length of the curtains should be well thought of as well.

6) Fresh tableware

Get tablewares that make your cabinet the talk of the town. Suitable tableware can style up your home in a jiffy with minimum effort. Just like with clothes you can buy them in sets of mix and match them however you please. Once you do this, your next guests at home are sure to be impressed.

7) Feng Shui

Feng shui or Vastu Shastra as the Indians call it, is a pseudoscience that deals with balancing the energies of the individuals and their surroundings. Many techniques are spoken about in this philosophy that claims to have particular effects on one’s day to day activities. People take this philosophy very seriously and buy Feng shui plants and other showpieces to decorate their home with, hoping for harmonious lives.

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