6 Tips to Securing Great Blockout Curtains For The Home

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6 Tips to Securing Great Blockout Curtains For The Home

With such stress placed on domestic air conditioning units, there is a more energy-efficient means of controlling room temperature.

This is presented with blockout curtains, a thick fabric that provides a very practical benefit while continuing to offer a style and elegance that traditional curtains still offer constituents.

Before beginning the search for one of these assets, why not take stock of 6 tips that will point consumers in the right direction?


1) Brand Performance

Securing great blockout curtains for the home is about buying from a proven brand. Trying to find a quality set of materials from an unknown seller is just like trying to find a needle in a haystack – the odds are not in the favour of the consumer. The less that is left to chance during this project, the more that can be assessed from the outlet in question. How long have they sold these products for? How are they rated online? How many stores do they have? How many options do they offer? Brand performance is all about addressing these questions and ensuring that there is complete transparency.


2) Quality of Materials

The higher the grade of the material with blockout curtains, the more long-term value the homeowner can enjoy. One of the key benefits that will be experienced with this product is lowering the reliance on a domestic air conditioning system, helping to protect the home to control the light exposure, reducing the temperature in the summer while trapping heat for the winter. The best designs in this industry will be made with a heavy backing crafted from a tightly woven fabric that blocks out all light when drawn.


3) Ideal Colour Scheme

These profile of curtains come in all range of colour and pattern schemes that will compliment a living room or a bedroom. From the elegant to the casual or the warm to the cool, these curtains should be sourced on a tone-on-tone basis that perfectly compliments the shade of the walls. Especially for a domestic setting, this is essentially an open canvas for consumers who want to be able to trap and control their light exposure without compromising on their stylistic tastes.


4) Exact Measurements

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Of course, there will be a variety in terms of size that has to be taken into consideration with the application of blockout curtains. Some households will have a preference for pinch pleats, as a tab top or an eyelets design – all options that will dictate their length and how they are hung. Too long and the product will gather dust and diminish in quality, while cutting it too short to save on cost won’t work to trap out the light sufficiently, defeating the entire exercise. Local installers will be happy to provide an obligation-free quote with window measurements in this respect, giving homeowners a chance to acquire the right length for their space.


5) Customer Loyalty Points

To cash in on some cost-saving provisions over the long-term, it is worthwhile acquiring blockout curtains from sellers who reward loyal customers. With some homes having anywhere between 3 to 5 or more rooms in any one residency, this is an opportunity to source a top-quality product from every possible angle. If the business does extend this policy and lower the premium with additional purchases, that can be an enticing prospect for households that need extensive coverage.


6) Installation & Warranty

9 times out of 10 the installation process with blockout curtains will be relatively straightforward, yet there will be elderly residents, disabled homeowners and others with more intricate rods and window casing parameters that require assistance. This is where installation becomes a big selling point with the purchase of blockout curtains, as well as a warranty that ensures long-term viability and insurance. Why be sold short when there is added value to be enjoyed?


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